What is Bunting, or Garland, or Pennants?

My sister told me about bunting, I’ve been in the States so long that I hadn’t heard that term in years.  But darned if I could find what it’s called here.  I googled, I searched eBay, Amazon, Etsy, nothing came up except for sites in England and Australia.   After many hours at this, inbetween work (photographing, typing, eating, calling tech support – ughh), I finally came upon the term here, it’s pennant flags.  Or even garland.

So when I did finally find those sites, there wasn’t much to look at except sports flags, national flags and the awful plastic flags you see flying around used car lots.  No, nothing lovely like back home.  Sweet bunting that can be hung at the beach house, or in the garden on a summer’s eve.  And, not forgetting beautiful weddings and celebrations.

Until now.


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