How to Hang Bunting

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thanks to the “beautiful bunting” site in UK for great article

Hanging Bunting

You will need points to attach your bunting to. Each length has a long tie at both ends and is concertina folded in the box to enable you to unfold the bunting as you hang it from the box.

Hanging Point to PointHanging Point to Point
Tie up throughout the length using the ties provided. Good on marquees, gazebos, round the house etc.

You can also use pegs, masking tape, metal ties – anything that won’t damage or mark the bunting. (Please no staples, blu tack or tape that leaves a residue.)

Guidelines on how to pack and return the bunting will be provided with each hire. We provide these guidelines to follow so that we can ensure each subsequent hire retains the same high quality and ease of hanging that you were provided with.

Marquee Sizes and Recommended Amounts

Feet Metres Recommended Amount
12 x 12 3.6 x 3.6 10 – 20m
20 x 20 6 x 6 30 – 40m
40 x 20 12 x 6 40m
40 x 40 12 x 12 40 – 50m
60 x 40 18 x 12 50 – 60m
80 x 40 24 x 12 60 – 80m
100 x 40 30 x 12 80 – 100m
120 x 40 36 x 12 100m

This guidance is to give you enough lee way to hang as you please within a marquee and are rough estimates.

Please look at our more photo links on the bunting page to get more ideas for hanging.


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